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By November 17, 2018 November 28th, 2018 Winter 2018 Newsletter

“In Deuteronomy 10:19 God gives us the command to “Love those who are foreigners.” This command guided us as we began to think through how we, as a church, could serve immigrants. When we began Immigrant Connection at College Wesleyan Church (CWC) we thought it would be a ministry that would serve immigrants from the community. It has provided opportunities for us to do so. We never imagined it would it also allow us to serve individuals from within the CWC body.

Erik celebrating his citizenship

Erik’s Naturalized Citizenship Ceremony

On Election Day, November 6th, our Immigrant Connection team got to witness one of our church members as he became a United States citizen. Becoming a naturalized citizen is a lengthy process that involves applications, background checks, interviews, tests, and an oath ceremony. By no means is it an easy process, and the immigration benefit is only available to those who meet certain criteria.

Erik Escobar, a student at IWU and a member of CWC, met those requirements, and with our help began the process of becoming a citizen. On Election Day, he and dozens of others stood together before a judge and recited an oath of loyalty to the United States. Erik is the first client of Immigrant Connection at CWC to become a naturalized citizen. Pray for Erik, and when you see him congratulate him on his new status.

Over the last few years, Erik has been an integral part of our church. He serves regularly on the Worship Arts team, he has been a part of Outreach mission trips, he has served the youth of JCBodyshop, and is involved in our College and Young Adult ministry.

On Saturday, November 10th Erik’s friends from CWC and IWU celebrated with him by throwing him a “Naturalization Party” to acknowledge the hard work he put in to become a citizen of the United States.”

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