Engage Enriches Scripture Study

By November 15, 2018 November 28th, 2018 Winter 2018 Newsletter

Allison Reynolds with her husband, Seth

After a year participating in an Engage group made up of ladies who were already my best friends, I felt God’s nudge to start a new groupthis time with women in the church outside of my circle of friends.

God worked out the details, and our group has been meeting for a few months, consisting of six women with ages spanning a 50-year range. From the first day, it’s been really good to hear how God has come alongside us all as we encounter different struggles. Reading through Genesis again has sparked conversations about how generations impact each other, and it’s added a richness to our group as we read about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

With this commitment to meet and discuss scripture, we’ve also been able to pray for each other, leaning on God’s goodness and each other’s faith to go into each week knowing that this group was there with us. We’ve been able to keep a group text going to get updates in between our meetingsof medical test results, family situations, and more.

This inter-generational richness in College Church has been such a blessing to me, as I’m able to hear more clearly how the Lord has used these verses to give my sisters in Christ strength, and I’m able to learn from the reading and experiences of others who are pursuing Him. I can’t recommend enough that we keep building these groups and encouraging our members to fight past the awkwardness of the first few meetings to see a fuller picture of Christ’s bride.

Allison Reynolds

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