Why the Christian Year?

Show me your schedule and there’s a good chance I can tell what you value. We make time for what’s important to us. Whether it’s actually the meeting we value, or the job we will lose if we don’t attend the meeting, our calendars reveal a lot about our value system. If I were to replace your calendar with my calendar, and you went to all my appointments, met all my deadlines, and celebrated all the birthdays of people close to me, your life would eventually look a lot more like mine than yours. Even on a physical level, if I took on the calendar of an Olympic athlete, my arms might actually fill my sleeves and I might not be as self-conscious at the pool. Calendars form us because what we choose to do with our time determines who we are.
So if this argument stands, it would make sense that if we were to integrate Christ’s calendar into our lives – those special events, the meetings, the waiting, the journeys – in time, our life would begin to look like Christ’s. Eventually we would no longer just be copying him, but we would take on his values. When we walk alongside the living Christ, we become like him.
In the simplest terms: The Christian Year is a journey. Things will change along the way – things as simple as colors, symbols, dispositions, and our main supporting characters – but we never change our trajectory.
– Daniel Rife, Worship Arts Co-Director