New “Far” Strategic Partner for CWC

If you have seen the Outreach area in the church atrium recently, you might have noticed Outreach took on a new strategic location. Moving forward, Sierra Leone will be our “Far” strategic area as we partner with World Hope International (WHI).

The Wesleyan Church has a compelling history of partnership with Sierra Leone. After first arriving in 1889, Wesleyan missionaries were committed to sharing the gospel as well as providing relief work. The commitment of those early Christians has inspired many; most early missionaries did not survive longer than a few years in the harsh climate plagued with malaria and yellow fever. Through God’s grace and blessing, the Wesleyan Church has become well-established in Sierra Leone, particularly in the northern regions. The Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone is an autonomous church engaged and committed to both local and country-wide ministries of compassion in socio-economic transformation activities. There are over 200 Wesleyan churches with over 30,000 members.

In Sierra Leone, CWC Outreach will undertake three initiatives in the coming years:

1) We will establish a partnership with the village of Maken, under the auspices and supervision of WHI. We will work with village leaders and the pastor of the church there to see how we might empower this community economically and spiritually.

2) We will restore the former Wesleyan Conference Center that was seriously damaged during the civil war.  This will become a retreat center for Christians in northern Sierra Leone, as well as a revenue-generating conference center. The revenue generated will help support rural pastors of The Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone.  It will be named the Hoffman Conference Center in honor of Ross Hoffman, for his visionary passion for Africa.

3) We will sponsor children through WHI’s child sponsorship program. In doing so we empower children and youth by allowing them to finish secondary school. This will then help them find stable employment as adults and become successful community and church leaders.

Stop by the Outreach area to learn more about our role in Sierra Leone, and discover ways you can get involved.