Faithful Neighboring

One of the greatest dangers to our relationships is assuming that the people who will shape us most are the ones we’re already familiar with. When we go through our neighborhoods, our workplaces, or our grocery stores, we tend to mostly keep to ourselves; we close ourselves off from people God may invite us to reach out to.

These past few months, we’ve started filming a series of “Faith Conversations” that include people of different neighborhoods, life experiences, generations, and ethnicities all talking about how they come together around the person of Jesus. We don’t script these videos; each person comes with questions to ask the person they’re sitting with, and the conversation emerges as they go. In the filming, editing, and previewing process, we’ve found that people really want to engage in conversations about God with people who have a different perspective. Often, they just lack the tools to do so.

In the next months, our team will be making some fun “neighbor questions” to start conversations with people who live, work, shop, and make their homes near you; and you’ll see these videos posted on Facebook and our website. In the meantime, though, let us know: if you have faith conversations with people you work with, how do you go about having them? If not, what questions would you have that we should consider as we develop this resource?