Disciple-Maker Gatherings


At College Wesleyan Church we are seeking to cultivate a disciple-making movement, empowering and encouraging every disciple to take responsibility for the spiritual lives of at least 3-5 other people. 


We hear stories of people responding to God’s call to make disciples in businesses, medical offices, public schools, prisons, and neighborhoods. We want these stories to inspire more people to seek out intentional discipling relationships with people they know. Many of us want to respond to this call but don’t feel qualified or don’t know how to start. We hesitate to offer this type of relationship to someone else, or we assume everyone else has it “more together” than we do.  But the truth is, in all discipling relationships, we partner with God to help each other see where God is present in our lives and encourage each other to lean into that presence with deeper relationship.

If you want to respond to God’s call to make disciples, we want to invite you to be a part of the Disciple-Maker Gatherings. These gatherings are a place where we can share stories of discipleship while helping each other take next steps in making more and better disciples. We will workshop ways to apply the one-another concepts, offer brief time of training, share ideas, and enjoy food and fun together. Our first gathering will take place on June 23, 12:30-1:30pm in the Great Room. Lunch and childcare will be provided for nursery – 4th grade. You can RSVP by clicking HERE