Care Ministries Volunteer Spotlight

Those who serve in Care Ministries provide highly effective spiritual support to people in times of great need. One who has been providing tangible support is Arlene McMahan. As one of our Care Ministry volunteers, she has been leading the team providing Funeral Dinners for families on a very difficult day. Arlene began providing leadership of this ministry in 2003 and we have served a multitude of families and walked with them through their time of loss. While not all of these families had a funeral dinner, a great number of them did, and for many of those dinners, Arlene was leading this largely unnoticed, yet extremely tangible way of caring for grieving families, serving and feeding between 35 – 100 people at a time.

When you talk with Arlene, she believes Funeral Dinners are a great service to families in times of need. These families often share how grateful they are for a simple gesture of a meal, because it provides people with a space to continue to mourn, celebrate and share together. She has met people for the first time through this ministry and has been able to develop a relationship with these families after that experience. Over the years, Arlene has had to say goodbye to different volunteers, but just as the families for whom she is caring are discovering, God is still providing.

We still have a small core group of people who help Arlene serve, but we are always looking to expand this ministry resource with people who have a willingness and attitude bent toward serving. People can get involved by providing food, helping set up and serve the meal, or through cleaning up afterward. If you are interested in serving in this ministry contact Pastor Alex Mandura or Arlene McMahan at

Arlene has been married to Earl McMahan for 66 years.  They have two children, 1 son (Ed) and 1 daughter (Janis) along with 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Arlene was born in Swayzee and moved to Marion when she was 12 years old.  In her day, she enjoyed riding motorcycles and traveling to Europe. She is very active with the Marion High School class of 1950 ensuring members keep in touch and planning class reunions.  Arlene has many interests including adding to an extensive doll collection.

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