Belonging at College Wesleyan Church

By February 27, 2019 March 4th, 2019 Spring 2019 Newsletter

College Wesleyan Church’s formation goes back to 1895 when a group of lay people with a passion for the gospel to be spread in Marion came together, and this local church was born. Since then, CWC has sent people out to Marion and all over the world to make more and better disciples. Including this last year, when we celebrated with receiving over 30+ new members to join in this mission!! Here are some of the reasons they have chosen to belong here:

We want to go deeper with our walk and do more than just show up on Sundays. We want to be part of “this family”.

College Church has been the place that supported, walked alongside and prayed for us and pushed us to grow in faith.

Because this place feels right to call home and to be better discipled and to better disciple others.

By becoming a member, they walked through a doorway into the discipleship process within the life of the church that moves beyond a decision for Christ, into a life of devotion to Christ which leads to a life of service for Christ. We celebrate these testimonies from those who are committing to the mission of CWC!

Membership Re-Affirmation

As existing members, we get to participate in a yearly reaffirmation of membership. This reaffirmation process is just a simple way for us to remember our commitment to the body of Christ, celebrate our position as children of God, as well as refocus our unity in mission.

Re-Affirmation will begin later this month, which can be completed electronically through an email sent out later this month or at the balloting station in the atrium on Sundays March 24, 31, and April 7.