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We want to be different, but we don't want to change. Our attempts at spiritual formation and growth are consistently sabotaged by our surface efforts that never quite get to the root of the problem. We think we know what we're supposed to do, but we're not quite sure who we're supposed to be on the other side of transformation.  Testimonial Video

SoulShift is a movement birthed from College Church that suggests and outlines an outcome-based approach to spiritual transformation. We like to focus less on measuring how much time we are spending on inputs--such as Bible study and prayer--and more on measuring outcomes... who we are becoming in Christ.

It starts with a book, SoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed. For more info, click here: SoulShift Book

"David Drury and Steve DeNeff love to guide believers to a deeper walk with God. They love to reveal the power and richness of the transformed spirit. And they love to show practical ways to move our souls into alignment with our heavenly Father. Their new book, does all of that, while giving us practical ways to "SoulShift" toward a Christlike life."
--Max Lucado, pastor and bestselling author

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But it doesn't stop with the book. That's only the beginning. Our church is developing a series of companion Bible studies and a church resource kit that will enable other churches to implement SoulShift as an all-church transformation.

This kit has everything church leadership needs to help draw their congregations into authentic holiness, into a deeper, Spirit-driven formation that God desires for his people. Authors Steve DeNeff, David Drury, and their ministry team guide you beyond the SoulShift book's concept, laying out a practical and tested process of spiritual formation, customizable for your own church. The SoulShift eight-week program will challenge your congregation to focus more on who they are actually becoming in Christ as they learn and apply the seven key transformational shifts that God's Spirit can bring about at any stage in their hearts, minds, and behaviors.

This conveniently sized kit is packed with tested-in-the-church resources that will help you form and launch a two-month SoulShift quest in a local body.    CLICK HERE FOR MORE SOULSHIFT RESOURCES

The kit contains:

  • A copy of SoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed
  • A Strategic Field Manual
  • Sample of SHIFT Magazine
  • Small Group DVD
  • Program Resources CD ROM
  • Online Resources including all of the contents available on the CD ROM
  • and much more!

We’ve recently developed an app that works alongside the kit and other SoulShift resources.  Consider downloading the free iHabit™ app (now available at the App store for iPhone, iPod and iPad; Droid version is coming soon).  The app is designed to help you grow by prompting you throughout the day with verses and questions related to SoulShift.  If you would like to try it out, you can get iHabit™ download instructions here.  And if you have questions about using the app, please email

See how God can bring about the shifting of your church's soul toward his own heart by implementing this powerful, whole-church program. Take and make it your own.

Let Christ free you from guilt-driven spirituality to experience the measure of a life transformed.